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glow in the dark dildo

For those times when it just gets a little too crazy to know what's where and who's when, we've designed the sexiest line of glow in the dark glass dildo collections yet to be shown in our line of high temp glass dildo products. Custom made and hand blown by our glass artisans, these new additions are painted within the glass itself, so it will not seep out and get into your skin or mucous membranes like other inferior glow in the dark dildo designs may.

These glow in the dark glass dildo designs will be replacing the common format for a limited time; just go to to view the new styles! The paint does not actually glow, but reflects the tiniest bits of light that catch it. This means we did not have to use the glow paints that have higher toxicity levels, but there is still a beautiful sheen when the lights are off, and the blankets down.

The result is a thrilling range of spirals raised along the shaft of the glowing Submission, which seem to melt away as it slips inside you. It is truly beautiful to watch (and feel) as the colors are carefully selected to blend easily and wholly with one another. Oh… and don't forget to check out the new double glass dildo too!

New to the line is the thirteen inch double glass dildo, guaranteed to satisfy both you and your partner – simultaneously! This is the largest double glass dildo we've ever carried. Due to the magnitude of the size, we have some in stock but will be producing others only as they are ordered. These custom made double glass dildos can be made with a curved shaft for better g-spot or prostate massage, or straight and long for the deepest penetration.

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